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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Strength of a Mosquito

A mosquito can be stronger than a human being. Doubt it? Ask Bem Max. Barely four days of publishing this blog with the mission of uploading materials on a daily basis, had I got my vision blurred by acute malaria. I was so sick to a point I became a ‘drug addict’.

While on my sick bed, all I could think of was how disappointed you would be after spurring your reading appetite. I appreciate your followership and will live up to expectations.

Today, I woke up hale and hearty. Hopefully, new write ups will be posted before the day runs out.

The vision is now brighter than a laser beam.

Remember to use your insecticide treated mosquito nets, so you do not get hit by the 50kg punch of a weightless insect.

Thank you for your understanding.

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